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Top 10 Tech Trends

2020 was the time of enormous digital change in light of COVID-19. The pandemic has sped up our agreement that innovation can and should be a power for great. Tech Trends

From creating and circulating life-saving immunizations, to tossing organizations as a lifesaver by assisting them with rotating to online tasks, to handling environmental change, to achieving more noteworthy social correspondence through the force of internet learning, innovation’s basic job in our future has never been all the more clear than now.

While we don’t have a gem ball, one thing is sure as we are into 2021: Technology will keep on changing the way we live and work, and the speed will just stimulate.


Here are the main ten tech trends that I consider have the ability to shape the times ahead:

The Digital Workplace

The swift launching of online communication tools in light of the lockdowns and stay-at-home orders has enabled companies to deal with clients remotely. It pushed the dire need to create virtual spaces that hold people in connection. For instance, KPMG made possible the brisk-paced dispersion of Microsoft Teams to greater than 260,000 users throughout their global platform two years before their schedule.

There have been millions of virtual meetings arranged online since last year. The increment in visual preferences has shrunk the physical footprint of offices and has made hybrid systems a norm. Having added different functionalities over time, a notion of the digital workplace has evolved. It has happened at a rate never witnessed before. The system resolves the flexible timing issues and provides a state-of-the-art user experience.


Cloud transformation 

Most of the affairs of our lives have turned online. The increment in remote work resultantly multiplied e-commerce and intake the flurry of content. The adoption of this virtual tool has increased greater cloud adoption and consumption. It has led to a rate of growth in double digits. On one hand, we have companies that could not materialize the digitalization journey. On the other hand, we have firms that have adopted the cloud tools which are leading the arena. They unlocked the ways of productivity, efficiency, and innovation for themselves. Tech Trends


Cybersecurity: a top priority

The flurry of fraudulent emails, texts, and hacking attempts increases during uncertain world events. Well, Covid 19 was not a different case. The 2020 Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey researched that around 41% of the companies have undergone such attempts of hacking attacks. It is especially via phishing and malware attacks usually targeting distant employees. Cybersecurity has become a matter of top priority for not only companies but also individuals. Therefore, the need for educating the workforce regarding cybersecurity is trending in 2021.


Growing Ecosystems

During a worldwide pandemic, one-sided actions may take one farthest. The same implies to the growing dire needs that better can be solved together. Companies are building a potential network of alliances with worldwide promising and leading tech-oriented data and services companies. Professionals have given their best in collaboration with global clients and communities. The Tech trend of developing ecosystems for organizations is turning out to be a decisive factor in evolving economies from the shock of the pandemic.


Democratization of Technology

The pace at which digital transformation is increasing, our society is running short of IT developers, and the situation is worsening. But every sunset with the promise of rising with a new spirit again. The latest trends suggest that there has been a rapid inflow of students observed taking a keen interest in IT-oriented online courses. People accessing online learning platforms now have tools on their doorsteps to develop extraordinary applications. This excessive trend has evolved as the inflow of code-developing experts has democratized technology. The pervasive tech trend is changing the customer engagement mantra. Moreover, it will effectively keep on filling the cost and transformation gap. Tech Trends


AI Trend

We see the world changing around us. We are witnessing swift automation and digitization. It is by dint of advanced technologies supported by artificial intelligence. For instance, Chatbots are allocated into various commercial processes to execute tasks. It is based upon data and learning that enables humans to drive their attention to the work that adds value. As the automation trends are becoming more and more accessible, and that is why AI is moving trendier from experimental to its deployment phase.


Tech-driven sustainability

Technology is the spurring factor. It entails data flows and permits us to explore and predict the effects on the environment. It generates transparency and drives efficiencies in our value chains. Moreover, it makes sure your processes are effective and mechanisms to cut down on waste, conserve energy and lead our regular behavior to change for the better.  Tech Trends



Covid 19 has turned out to be an impetus for trending tech-driven changes in healthcare. Pharmaceuticals have globally exerted technologies to deliver to the maximum via utilizing new channels in terms of examining new diseases and tracking back their roots.


Learning is Perennial 

A 12-year-old recently told me he was “bored with virtual conferences and homework.” Well, I have news for him. Online learning is here to stay, and not just for kids but adults too. The delivery will change, however, moving from the (virtual) classroom session to a model of continuous, self-paced learning with knowledge nuggets integrated into processes and offered in context number 10. Trust takes center stage. Tech Trends


Virtual Learning

There is a record soaring witnessed in students moving from physical to virtual learning networks. The advantages of online learning are immense. There comes a stage in your life when you leave your academic life and move on to your professional life. Whereas learning is a perennial, lifelong process, online platforms empower you to keep self-paced learning. For online freaks, I have good news. You may avail of different online course platforms’ deals at DealMeCoupon.

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