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Things You Should Know Before Hiring an Architect

As the complexity of building designs increases, so does the scrutiny from design professionals. Today’s architects are expected to be experts in so much more than just designing buildings. They’re expected to be experts at planning, programming, and managing the work of their entire design team, each of whom has their own specialized skills.  To keep up with the increasing demand and expectations of today’s design professionals, the architectural industry has grown exponentially in the past few years. You’re probably already familiar with some of these growing trends, which is why you’ve hired an architectural company to help with your projects. However, there are some things you might not know that are necessary to keeping an architectural company aligned with your vision and expectations. Here are five things you should know before hiring an architect.

Understanding Construction Types

The first thing you should know about an architectural company is their expertise in the construction types they’ll be working with. There are three main types of construction that an architectural company will work with: –  Concrete Construction  –  Steel Construction  –  Wood Construction  A company that specializes in one of these construction types will be able to better meet the needs of the building or structure they’re designing. For example, if the building will be in a climate where wood construction is inappropriate, a steel building construction is suitable, or the building is under a government regulation that mandates specific construction type (like HIP guidelines), then selecting an architectural company based on the construction types they typically work with will help you get the best end result.

The Role of an Architect

The architects on your team are there to design beautiful spaces that are functional, safe, and appealing. They’re not in charge of the construction process. If you’ve hired an architectural company (rather than using one of your own employees), then they’re likely responsible for the selection of an architect who is a contractor. Hiring a separate firm is just one more thing you have to keep track of when hiring an architect. It can get confusing pretty quickly when navigating the role of an architect in a construction project. If possible, try to get an understanding of the role of an architect in your chosen architectural company. You can get a better understanding of the type of clients they typically work with, how they typically work, and how they might integrate with your construction team.

Ask About Floor Plans

Asking about the floor plans should be part of your hiring process. Some architects offer 2D floor plans and some architects offer 3D floor plans.

On the basis of your needs, which architect is best for you!

Architects are creative people. It’s what they do. However, most of their creative work isn’t done on pieces of paper, but on a computer. This computer is the architect’s “drawing board.” It’s where a lot of their work happens. To understand the role of an architect in your construction project, you need to understand what their drawing board looks like. Knowing what their drawing board looks like will help you make better decisions as to what type of construction you’ll be using. Architects use drawing boards as a way to communicate with their team. They use them to create 3D models and 2D drawings to help their subcontractors plan their work and create their specifications. They use them to communicate with their clients so that both parties are on the same page about what needs to be built and what features are included in the design. You can ask an architectural company about their drawing board setup. You can also ask about their process for managing the flow of information. It’s not uncommon for an architectural company to transition from a paper-based process to a digital one.

Clear Communication Is Key

As an architect, you’re working with a variety of professionals. On one end of the table are subcontractors and trades that are bringing their skills to the table. On the other end of the table are your clients and their clients. Between these two groups of professionals is your architectural company. The communication that happens between these professionals is the key to successful projects and better communication means better communication. Project managers and construction managers are in a position to assist in this communication. They are professionals who are experienced at managing a variety of projects. A good way to gauge the communication between the professionals on your project is the communication that happens between them. It’s not uncommon for construction managers to assign subcontractors to a project before a project manager is even aware of them. It’s also not uncommon for subcontractors to be unaware of a project manager. A clear communication framework will help both parties understand what’s happening and allow both parties to be on the same page.

Don’t Be Fooled By Marketing

Marketing is a powerful tool for both architects and their clients. However, if a company is relying on marketing to get clients, there’s a chance that those clients are not hiring an architect for the right reason. Architectural companies are either in business to design buildings or they’re not. Good marketing can help an architectural company get a new client, but that doesn’t mean they’re in business to help with projects. An architectural company that is relying on marketing to get new clients is probably not a good match for your project. You can trust your gut when it comes to trusting marketing. If something doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t right and you need to find someone that feels right.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to hiring an architect, you’re putting your trust in the professionals who will be designing your space. You’re also trusting that your chosen architectural company is capable of providing the level of communication you need to manage your project effectively. You can trust them. You can trust that they have the skills, knowledge, and abilities necessary to design your space. While hiring an architectural company can be daunting, it shouldn’t be. These five things should help you navigate the hiring process and make the right choice for your project. Trust your instincts when hiring an architectural company.

Understanding the construction types a company specializes in can help you make more informed choices. Clear communication is key to managing your project effectively. And lastly, trust your architects. They’ve got this.

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