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The reference in vintage video games (retrogaming)

The history of video games

The history of video games combines the technological progress of electronics, micro-computing, the prowess of genius designers and the passion of some entrepreneurs. The very first person to imagine the concept of video games was Ralph Baer in 1950. But the first game appeared in 1952 thanks to A. S. Douglas. It was a tic-tac-toe game. However, it is only in 1958 that everything really started thanks to two outstanding researchers, William Higinbotham and Robert Dvorak. They wanted to come up with an idea to liven up the open house at Brookhaven National Laboratory. They decided to use a huge computer with an oscilloscope as a screen. The result was one of the first games in history.

The era of commercialization of video games

Almost ten years later in 1971, Nolan Bushnell launched the first game machine on the market and the following year, with the help of Ted Dabney, founded the company Atari. The video games begin to be known to the general public with the marketing of the first arcade terminals and game consoles capable of operating more than 10 simplistic games. However, the great success, atari will obtain it with the emblematic Pong. In spite of some turmoil, in 1975 Atari became the first big company in the video game industry by creating a home console Home Pong.

The great multiplication of companies

Following the great success of atari, many companies started to join the race. Ralph’s company returned to the fray and released 8 Magnavox consoles. You also have the company, nitendo with TV-Game then Coleco with its Telstar. On the other hand, the one who really marks the blow is the Japanese Taito by revolutionizing the arcade with Space Invaders. Nevertheless, in a few years the technological evolution and others ended up generating the crisis of the old video games. But, at a time when many companies are going out of business, Nitendo is coming back stronger than ever with its Nitendo Entertainment System (NES).

Japan’s appropriation of the console and the playstation revolution

Between 1984 and 2002, Japan made its mark on the console world. Indeed, games like mario on nitendo mario, zelda, kirby and others all started to appear on the nitendo console. In this tug of war between the super Nitendo, Mega Drive and SEGA’s game on the handheld console, nitendo gets the upper hand with its game boy. After the great success of nitendo game, Sony made its grand entrance into the console game market in 1994 with the sony playstation.

Video games have continued to evolve, receiving from time to time the impulse of some big brands. In 2021, four different generations of consoles have been released, including the nitendo switch, the playstation 5 and the xbox Series X.

How to estimate these old video games

Estimating the price is necessary if you want to sell old video games. Indeed, retro games are nowadays very popular and even if their sale doesn’t always make a million, the bids are nevertheless quite interesting. To estimate the value of a retro video game, such as a gaming switch or neo geo cartridges for example, it is necessary to consider the title and the packaging. The title and the support put forward the rarity of the good. As for any good, the rarer your game is and the higher its price. Collectors have a certain preference for the Playstation 1, the NES and the game boy.

To achieve this, you need to observe the price offered for the models already sold on online trading sites and then compare their criteria to those of your good. In addition to this criterion, consider the condition of the product. A game has three states that allow you to estimate its value. If the game does not have its original box or its instructions, it has a low value. If on the other hand it still has its box, it has a higher value. Finally, if it is in its original packaging, still in its blister pack and above all with its manufacturer’s seal, you have won the jackpot. Because, the latter will have kept all its value.

Playing old video games again

The flavor of the old video games of the 80s and 90s has remained unforgettable despite all the power, performance and complexity of the new generation consoles. To dive back into this sensational universe, all you have to do is get a Wii U virtual console, buy the old titles of your choice like Mario and play them via gamepad. You can also replay old video games by purchasing one of the reissues and compilations of old video games. In fact, nitendo has refurbished many of its classics. This makes it much easier for retrogaming to flourish and evolve. You will find games like The Legend of Zelda, The wind Waker, etc.

Moreover, it is also possible for you to play games on emulator from your computer. You just need to have the original copies of the game in order to stay legal. You can also adopt the good old-fashioned method and go directly to the arcades to play old video games.


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