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Teleduce: Integrated CRM with Built-in Cloud Telephony

91% of businesses with over 11 employees now use CRM, compared to 50% of those with 10 employees or less.

If you are wondering why 50% of businesses with less than 11 employees use CRM?

Let me elaborate on the challenges you face without a CRM.




It is the first step in any business whether small or big.

In order to market your product, you bought Email Marketing Software and ran a few campaigns.

You can access metrics like Email Open Rate, CTR and all.

You’ve generated leads and stored them in an Excel sheet.

Later, you run an SMS campaign and generate another few leads and store them in an excel sheet as well.

It’s fine for now.

The question is are you willing to repeat the same process for every other campaign every single time?



You would like to engage with the leads to find out their interest in your product/service.

You Call/Email/SMS all of them. You talk to a few and others don’t respond.

You get a call back from your leads. And you are away from PC.

Now the problem is how do you track them and update the status.

How can you manage every caller or every email and communicate/follow-up with each one of them without a proper system?


Customer Support


Your lead/customer won’t wait for days together for a solution.

Your customer demands an instant response and quick resolution.

Let’s say you received a complaint through Email from one customer.

Or a customer called Justdial to enquire about a problem. Another customer contacted through the website.


How do you track all these customer requests?

And how do you respond or how fast can you resolve these customer concerns?


Customer Success Management

The main purpose of customer success management is to understand the growth of the business.

If you initially fail in improving the customer journey.

It ain’t possible to convert one and to retain.


How can a CRM help you overcome these challenges?

The answer is simple.

Teleduce is an Integrated CRM empowering Marketing, Sales, Support, Success teams with Inbuilt Communications.

In Teleduce, important operations are referred to as the Marketing Box, Lead Box, Success Box and Support Box.


Marketing Box:

  • With Teleduce you can create content for Email Campaign, SMS Campaign, Website Landing pages.
  • Import/Upload a huge amount of customer data.
  • Run campaigns using Teleduce.
  • Produce reports and access campaign stats.
  • Generate leads.


Lead Box:

  • Capture leads from Email, SMS and Website.
  • Generate leads through Social Media, Market Places, Third-Party websites and capture them in a Lead Box as well.
  • You can view the entire dashboard of leads with lead information, source of the lead generated like Facebook, Email, Justdial and so on.

You can quickly engage with the leads through Call, SMS, Email, Whatsapp with the help of Inbuilt communication.

You can track entire call logs such as incoming, outgoing, missed calls.

You can contact a customer back if you have missed the call and tracking the customer is easy as it is shown in the dashboard.

You can filter the leads, add a quick lead, access the activities, take note of lead requirements, and schedule meetings.

These features help you sell faster to your leads.



Support Box

All the concerns of your customers raised through Email, SMS, Call, Website & other platforms can be captured with customer support software.

You can auto-assign tickets to agents, set Auto Reply for SMS/Email for faster response.

You can track the tickets based on priority levels such as High, Medium and Low.

Instantly engage with customers for any query-related follow-ups.



Success Box

You can access A to Z of customer information here.

You can track important metrics like Total Customers, New Customers, Active Customers.

These features will help improve your business growth.



As you can compare, a business without a CRM and a business with a CRM are in total contrast in terms of their operations.

Businesses in 2021 have to decide which is the best CRM that suits their needs rather than wondering if they need a CRM.

Integrated CRM Software Teleduce will enhance your marketing, sales, and support team efficiency and productivity to scale your business grow faster.

Don’t delay and try your hands on with Teleduce NOW.

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