Tuesday, November 30, 2021

National pandemic in business perspective, Making Significant Changes

As covid19 still dominates most developed-economy countries worldwide, especially Indonesia, it bears a new prevalent business mindset that has to become “adaptive“.  It implies that the business sector, capable of tailoring the changing landscape trends today, can preserve their longevity and even grow.

According to Heaptalk research, the ability to adapt is the right business strategy that obliged many businesses (including both the top-level company and self-employed people that are still conventional) should follow to change if they want to succeed amidst the pandemic. The adaptive terms, in this case, not just deal with change – but they have to embrace it. Businesses should focus on getting results in constantly evolving environments, ensuring they’ve done their research and having the right insights.

The business owners know how to practice the best way to see the shifting favor from the customer behavior.  Then, know where they’re headed, and if plans change along the way – as they so often do – they keep up with them. Because adaptive enterprises are always trying to identify future opportunities, they’re better at figuring out suitable approaches for different situations.

This situation is exploited by most Indonesian startups that they tend to keep boosting the awareness. And it yields a good impact on their business performance, as many startups still got series of investments, recorded significant sales, and expanded the business to other regions.

Thereon, the use of technology today also plays a prompt position in determining business growth. Moreover, in Indonesia, the advancement of technology has penetrated the various dimensions of business sector needs. Like the mergers of Indonesian giants between ride-hailing and payments goliath app company and ruling e-commerce platform company, they create an Indonesian tech behemoth to boost the value proposition and customer experience for micro-business sectors.

According to Indonesia marketers, the Indonesian marketing expert, today’s phenomena are acknowledged as the primary changes driven by technology. By the current situation, the technology lies above the other elements like economy, political-legal, socio-culture, and the market.

The economy lies central to the trajectory driven by technology. Any updates of the technology will alter the economic landscape because it is constantly evolving and will determine the socio-culture that can be interpreted as customer shifting. For instance, due to the pandemic situation that hit the nation, people are quickly adapting – from how they are interacting with their relatives up to doing transactions in eCommerce, watching some entertainment, and accessing education content through online learning. Now, all is done through mobile appliances (like smartphones and laptops).

Technology is immediately shaping how socio-culture is formed – it has become incremental. It urges the business sector to adapt to answer the shift. Thus, transforming into digital become a must. The market is now avoiding physical contact, instead, they are likely to hold minimum-contact interactions, including moving into the contactless payment and shopping from home.

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