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Mesh WiFi Router Systems

Mesh WiFi Router Systems are the future of wireless networking. They provide better coverage and faster speeds than traditional routers. Now you can create a network that reaches every corner of your home or office. Get a mesh WiFi system today and save up to 70% on your wireless bill!


What is mesh WiFi?

Mesh WiFi or Whole Home WiFi Systems consist of a central router that is directly connected to the modem and a set of satellite modules, also known as nodes, that are placed within your home for complete WiFi coverage. They all belong to one wireless network and all share identical SSID as well as password which is different from the traditional WiFi routers.


Why do you need Mesh WiFi?

The Home is WiFi-enabled

The best option is WiFi that is compatible with your home’s style, instead of working against it. Imagine a router as an audio speaker. It could be playing music in one area of your house however the office at the back will only be able to hear an echo of a tiny amount. A standard router operates in the same way. You have to be able to only move away from it before the signal begins to fade and then eventually to stop completely.

Instead, why don’t you install an “speaker” in every room in the house? That’s how your home WiFi, also known as mesh networks, function by putting multiple nodes within your home to ensure you’ll have good WiFi connectivity from one side to the next.


Mesh routers have many benefits.

Apart from providing an extremely reliable and stable WiFi signal, mesh-routers come with a number of other important advantages. Here are a few of the top pros.


Easy network management:

One major feature that separates mesh-routers in comparison to traditional routers is the ease of internet access they offer. Most mesh-routers are automated, which allows for ease of management using apps on mobile devices even when you’re in your home. Setting up a mesh network using the help of a smartphone application is simpler than connecting directly to the router and setting up a device using a dashboard for a browser.


Stable Long-Range Connectivity

By using a mesh router you’ll get a fast and stable connection regardless of the location you’re in at home. Each mesh node is able to piggyback to the other nodes’ signal and provides strong WiFi, whether you’re at the highest point of the staircase or at the lowest point in the basement.


One Network for Your Entire Home

Mesh technology is highly efficient and intuitive, which allows you to stay connected even when the mesh network fails. You don’t have to sign up for an entirely new network each time you leave the house and remain connected to a reliable network, no matter the location you’re in.


Do you require a mesh-router?

A lot of traditional routers aren’t able to accommodate large spaces with multiple floors or walls which hinder wireless signals. If you’re looking for smart home features, the simple remote control that mesh routers provide via their mobile apps is an enormous benefit.

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