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Maple Grove furniture showroom with mid century modern furniture

If you’re looking to add a touch of detail to any room, the Accent Table does just that. These are great for small spaces. There are different types of small accent tables. These tables are a great way to enjoy your space and view all your weird items and lamps at the same time. These accent tables can be found in basically any shape or size to suit your needs.

Before you start your search, you need to make a very long and thoughtful decision about what look you want in the room you choose. You need to know in advance what the motif of the room decoration will be. For example, is it an antique, a new era, a country, or perhaps a theme?

Our furniture selection

Our inventory consists of unique pieces, closeouts, and showroom floor samples. In addition, we carry dedicated private labels that can be custom ordered to meet your specific needs. In a variety of styles, from traditional to contemporary, we promise to meet your furniture needs.Maple Grove furniture showroom with mid century modern furniture

Designing small spaces can be difficult. Your home may not be as big as you want, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept the cramped and boxed sensation every time you enter a new room. With the right design, you can enjoy an open and cozy atmosphere in any space.

The key to equipping a small space throughout your home is knowing which elements create the illusion of space. Try these 5 professional design tricks and open them in any room in your house.

1. Brighten

Even in large spaces, you may feel claustrophobic if it is too dark. The easiest way to make a small room or house look bigger is to make it brighter. Let’s start with natural light. Remove the blackout curtain and choose a light and refreshing curtain. Then upgrade the luminaire. Switch to a higher wattage bulb with an overhead lamp. If you still don’t get enough light, add a decorative hanging lamp to brighten corners and tight spaces.

2. Add a large rug

The larger the rug, the more open the room feels.. Unfortunately, small rugs pay attention to how small the remaining space is. A better option is to get something that covers almost the entire room. As a rule of thumb, the rug should be large enough to accommodate all the furniture in the room. 

3. Add furnished storage space

Find comfortable and functional furniture and be creative. The storage ottoman is a great place to store things you normally use, such as remote controls and books, but it looks cluttered when you sit in the middle of the room. Under-bed storage allows you to add shelf space to your bedroom without cluttering your closet.

4. Accept the mirror

They reflect around, so adding mirrors in a small space can make you feel bigger.  Be creative in the mirror! You can hang an oversized decorative mirror on the wall or create a mirror gallery.

Check your feet

Many people overlook one of the most important parts of a chair or sofa, the leg. You may not see it, but the base of the chair or sofa is the legs. They must be sturdy and joined to the frame. Also, it should not be cracked or bent.

Pay attention to the type of wood

There are three types of wood used for furniture: composite, veneer, and solid wood. If you want the highest quality wooden furniture that will last forever, you need solid wood. Solid wood is beautiful and long-lasting, but keep in mind that dents and water rings can occur if not treated properly. Furniture made of composites or veneer will look great in your home. They may not last for decades.

Check if it wobbles

The main reason people try furniture in showrooms is to test their comfort. Test your ruggedness as you relax on the luxurious sofas and chairs on the showroom floor. Make sure that it does not shake or wobble when moved a little. High-quality furniture is evenly distributed on the floor and stays there while sitting. Furniture that is not sturdy is more likely to move or twist with less effort on your side.

Find a reliable furniture store

No matter how ready you are to shop for furniture, it’s important to shop in a reliable location. DMP Furniture specializes in providing high-quality furniture to every room in your home.

Maple Grove furniture showroom with mid century modern furniture

If you have any questions about the furniture, feel free to contact a designer or sales expert. Contact us for more information or visit the showroom to check the furniture directly.

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