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Is distance psychic reliable?

Just as reliable if not more so. The clairvoyance frees itself from the barriers of time and space. In fact, it depends mainly on the psychic and the form that her gift takes. If some clairvoyants need to be in contact with the consultant, others do not need it and excel in clairvoyance by phone.


How does clairvoyance work?

Fortune-telling generally involves the presence of at least two people: the consultant and the fortuneteller. But the psychic can also practice clairvoyance alone, for himself or for his friends.

Fortune-telling is a complex subject because it can be both very codified, with strict rituals, but it always retains a margin of use that allows each fortuneteller to do in his own way. On fortune tellers regularly uses astrology, numerology, and tarot cards.


We distinguish between clairvoyance with and without support

We know the mediums of clairvoyance well and can even have them at home, even without necessarily practicing clairvoyance. They are the crystal ball, the pendulum, the cards, the runes, the yijing…


Why such a variety in divinatory instruments?

This question leads to another one: do the objects have power or is this power lent to them by the person who uses them?

We believe that what counts is not so much the tool itself as the intention one puts into it when creating and using it. One does not carve runes in wood for anything other than to consult one’s destiny. And one rarely buys an Oracle to make simple games.

For a long time, we have been talking about fluid, about magnetism; we can also, more prosaically, talk about the energy of clairvoyance.

Psychics get answers with divinatory instruments because they are aligned to high spiritual energy.


Can anyone who raises their vibration level become a psychic?

Clairvoyance is as much a gift as painting or dancing. Some people have predispositions that make them very receptive. Those who are interested but do not have the gift can learn to use divinatory instruments. But the real work will be on yourself and your openness to things of the spirit. Then you will not necessarily become a clairvoyant, but you will know what is right for you and what direction to take to live in alignment with your deepest aspirations.


The flashes of clairvoyance

Note that clairvoyance can also take the form of “flashes”, which are images that will, for a fraction of a second, replace what the clairvoyant really has in front of her eyes, and make her see something beyond her space-time.

This is very, very high clairvoyance and it cannot be controlled (even if, in the absolute, one can put oneself in condition to favor the coming of the flashes, and in this respect, the crystal ball is not for nothing).

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