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Introduce With a Powerful Tool-Flowchart


If you want to solve any problem, the flowchart will help you very much. You have to keep your audience in mind and gear the detail in your chart to them. You have to remember that clear communication is a key goal of flowcharts. So, ensure proper communication with your audience. When you chat with different teams or departments, you need to consider using a swim-lane diagram to clearly delineate responsibilities and handoffs. On the other hand, you should use on-page or off-page connectors to edit your chart. This process will help you to make your chart flow logically that allows you to break up a chart into separate pages and still flow well. These instructions will be helpful for you when you know about the flowchart. Yes, we discuss and definition and history of the flowchart in this article.


Definition Of Flowchart

It is used in multiple fields, such as document, study, plan, improvement, and communication field. The complex processes of the flowchart are clear and easy to understand diagrams. Flowcharts can be shaped in various shapes, such as rectangles, ovals, diamonds, and potentially numerous other shapes to define the type of step. These shapes are shown with connecting arrows to define flow and sequence. They are ranged from simple, hand-drawn charts to the comprehensive computer. You can draw diagrams depicting multiple steps and routes.

If you can consider all the various forms of flowcharts, then you can get the most common diagrams on the planet. These charts are used by both technical and non-technical people in numerous fields. Flowcharts have some specialized names, such as process flowchart, process map, functional flowchart, business process mapping, business process modeling and notation (BPMN), process flow diagram (PFD), etc.


Short History Of Flowchart

There is no clear information about the real inventor of flowcharts, but the first standardized documentation on flow charts was first introduced by Frank and Lillian Gilbreth. They were popular industrial engineers and members of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). Flowcharts are used to document business processes from 1920. Then one year later, Frank and Lillian Gilbreth introduced the “Flow Process Chart” to ASME.Allan H.

Mogensen was another industrial engineer who trained some participants in his work Simplification Conference in New York in 1930. Participants of this conference started to use flowcharts in their respective fields. These consequences helped propagate the usage of flowcharts. ASME adopted a symbol set derived as the ASME Standard Operation and Flow Process Charts in 1947. In 1949, flowcharts started to be used for planning computer programs quickly. That is why it began as one of the most popular tools in designing computer algorithms and programs. As a result, a flowchart is an important productivity tool now. It works for serving employees in various industries and functions.



A flowchart is not a new phenomenon in this world. It is a great technique to solve our regular working issues. To use it properly, you have to know its definition and history. Then you can realize the importance of a flowchart. This article can encourage you to use a flowchart and get a better way to solve your problem.

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