how to split screen on chromebook

How to Split Screen on a Chromebook


Introduction: Chromebooks are a popular platform for web browsing and office work, but they can also be used to watch your favorite shows and movies. If you want to enjoy your shows and movies in the same room, you need to find a way to split screen them. Here’s how to do it on a Chromebook.

How to Split Screen on a Chromebook.

To use the split screen feature on a Chromebook, first launch the Chrome browser and sign in with your account. Then open the “Window” tab and select “Split Screen.”In the “Width” field, set the number of lines you want to see in one screen. In the “Height” field, set the size of the screen you want to see. Click on OK to create a new Split Screen window.

How to Use the Split Screen Feature.

To use the split screen feature on a Chromebook, open the Menu Bar and select “Split Screen.” From here, you can select between splitting the screen into two parts or having one part of the screen display while you work in another part of the browser.How to Use the Tools to Split ScreenThe tools that are available to split screen on a Chromebook include:- The Bookmark Manager: This tool lets you add several websites and mark them as bookmarks so that they will open in separate windows when you hit “split screen.”- The History Manager: This tool allows you to shareHistory between browsers so that changes made in one window will be reflected in both.- The Current Browser: This tool allows you to toggle between active browsers so that if one browser is closed, it will reopen in another window with the latest changes.

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How to Use the Split Screen Feature.

To use the split screen feature on a Chromebook, first open the Chrome browser and type chrome://flags/enable-split-screen into the address bar. Then press return.In the window that opens, select “Split Screen.”The Split Screen tab will appear. You can then choose to have one half of the screen display whatever you’re working on in the other window, or to place a document or image in front of both windows so they are always together.If you want to end split screen by pressing Esc key, you’ll need to open up another window and continue working in that one.


If you’re looking for an easy way to splitscreen two windows on your Chromebook, then you should try the Split Screen Feature. This feature is simple to use and can be very helpful in busy workflows. To use the Split Screen Feature, simply open one of your existing windows and press the Esc key to end the split screen.

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