how to reset ipad

How to Reset iPad


AirIntroduction: If you’re like most people, you’re always on the go. You check your phone for notifications, answer calls, and keep an eye on the clock just to get through the day. Sometimes it’s hard to remember to power off your iPad when you’re done using it. That’s where resetting your iPad Air comes in handy. Resetting your iPad Air will help you save power and battery life while you’re on the go, and it can also help you get back into good habits if you have trouble focusing while using your device.

How to Reset an iPad.

To reset an iPad, first power up the device and open the Settings app. On the General tab, select Reset. then chose Restore Option.In the Restoring iPad screen, enter your Apple ID and password for the device. Select Reset All Content and Settings.then click on Reset button. The tablet will reboot and all your data will be restored.How to Reset the iPadIf you have trouble resetting your device, please visit our troubleshooting guide for more help:

How to Reset the iPad on a PC.

To reset an iPad on a PC, follow these steps:1. Open the Settings app and click on the Reset button.2. Select the device you want to reset and click on Reset.3. In the Reset tablet settings, enter your Apple ID and password if they are different from the ones you used when initializing the device.4. Click on Reset to finish resetting the iPad.5. To update or change any of the settings in this section, repeat these steps until everything is back to original as it was before your iPad wasreset.

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How to Reset an iPad on a Phone.

To reset an iPad on a phone, you will need to first connect the device to an electrical outlet and then press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds. The screen should go blank and the device should reboot. Once the Apple logo appears, release the power button and select Reset from the menu. After selected, enter yourApple ID and password in the prompted fields and click Reset.After rebooting, your device should be reset to its factory settings. You can now use your iPad again as if it were brand new.How to Reset an iPad on a TabletTo reset an iPad on a tablet, follow these same steps as described above, but replace “iPhone” with “tablet” in the above instructions. After Rebooting:You can also reset your iPad by going into Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Contents & Data -> Delete everything except Personal Data . If you have any files or pictures that are important to you, make sure they are backed up before deleting them!


Resetting an iPad can be an important task if you want to downgrade or update your device. Resetting your device on a PC, MAC, or phone can help you do just that. However, it’s important to check the specific instructions for each platform before resetting your iPad. If you have any trouble resetting your iPad, please contact Apple Support for more assistance.

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