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How to Measure a TV: A Comprehensive Guide


Introduction: TV measurement is a critical part of any business. Just like any other product, TVs are bought and sold based on what they’re able to offer. To measure that, you need to understand how your audience uses TVs. That’s where measurement tools come in.Measurement tools can help you learn about how your viewers use TVs, understand what content is popular among your viewers, and make better decisions about which channels to air. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the most popular measurement tools out there and give you tips on how to use them effectively in order to track yourTV progress!

What are TV Ratings.

TV ratings are a way for networks to measure the success of their shows. In order for a show to be given a good rating, it must meet certain requirements. These requirements include being rated TV by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, having high viewership numbers, and being popular with viewers.In addition, ratings also affect businesses that deal with television viewing audiences. For example, if your business is based on selling products or services related to television shows or movies, you may need to make sure your products or services are up to par with the network’s ratings.

What are TV Ratings.

A TV show’s ratings are based on how many people are watching it at any given time. Ratings can be expressed in either a percentage or a range. For example, the CW’s “The Vampire Diaries” has been aired in the 8-10 demo since its debut in 2009 and has achieved a 1.8 rating in that age group. This means that approximately 80% of all viewers aged 18-24 watch the show.Ratings Are Used to determines Show’s AudienceRating categories vary depending on who is conducting the Nielsen ratings survey. For example, Adult Swim’s “Rick and Morty” ranked as Adults 18-49 #1 for the week of July 15th-21st, 2017 with a 0.9 rating/share across all platforms/time periods according to Nielsen Media Research (an affiliate of CBS). This indicates that over half of all 18-49 viewers watched Rick and Morty during that week. In contrast, Disney XD’s “Tangled” placed second in that sameweek with an 0.6 rating/share across all platforms/time periods according to Nielsen Media Research (an affiliate of The Walt Disney Company). This indicates that about one fifth of all viewers watched Tangled during that week.Ratings Can Affect Your BusinessRating categories can also have an impact on a business’ bottom line. For example, if a show is placed in a lower rating category, it may result in less advertising revenue for the business. Conversely, if a show is higher up in ratings but with a smaller audience, that business may see increased revenue from sponsorships and other deals related to the show’s success.

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Ratings for TV Shows.

TV shows must be rated by the broadcast networks in order to be aired. The ratings that a show is expected to receive are as follows:· Young Adults (18-49): The rating for a TV show’s premiere episode should be at least 8.8 million viewers.· Adults 18-34: The rating for a TV show’s premiere episode should be at least 3 million viewers.· Adults 25-54: The rating for a TV show’s premiere episode should be at least 2.7 million viewers.Ratings Can Affect Your BusinessIf your business receives high ratings for its products or services, it may have an easier time getting products or services into the market place and being seen by more people. On the other hand, if your company falls short of meeting the ratings requirements of one of the major broadcast networks, you could face stiff competition from other companies who may have a higher rating for their product or service.Ratings Can Affect Your BusinessTV shows often reflect the opinions and values of their viewership base, which can affect your business in several ways including increased recruitment efforts and marketing campaigns; decreased sales; and even financial difficulties due to reduced advertising spending or lower consumer confidence (Goudreau & Hausman, 2011). When measuring how well a TV show is performing, it’s important to take into account not only its originality but also how it compares to other programs on television that are currently airing or soon to air (Bechtel, 2010).


Ratings are important in the TV industry. They determine a TV show’s audience and can affect your business. By knowing what ratings demands a TV show, you can make sure that your show meets those requirements. Additionally, by measuring a TV show’s success, you can gauge whether or not it is worth broadcasting.

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