how to make fireworks in minecraft

How to Make Fireworks from Mineshafts in Minecraft!


Introduction: Mineshafts are a great way to make beautiful fireworks in Minecraft. The process is a little involved, but it’s definitely worth the results. Let’s get started! First, you need to find some mineshafts in your world. Second, you need to build a minecart from the materials you gather. Finally, you need to fill up the minecart with firework powder and set off! This process should take about 10 minutes total. Once you’ve made your fireworks, be sure to show them off!

What Mineshafts can be used for.

To find mineshafts, you first need to know where they are. Mineshafts can be found in various places in Minecraft, but the most common is near water. You can also find them on land, but they’re much more difficult to find.How to Use MineshaftsMineshafts can be used for a variety of purposes. The most common is to make fireworks, but they can also be used for other purposes such as mining ores and coal. Additionally, you can use them to access dark areas or build bridges in Minecraft.

How to Make Fireworks from Mineshafts.

To make fireworks from mineshafts, you first need to find them. Mineshafts are found in many places in the world, but the most common ones are in Minecraft. To find a minecraft mine, open up your options (found under “Options” on your desktop) and type:net.minecraft.server.command_block @a[1]This will show you all of the available commands that start with @a. The most common one used to make fireworks from mineshafts is net.minecraft.server.command_block@a[1]. This command will create a message that says ” acted as an input for firework recipe.”The next step is to use this command to make a firework out of the minecraft mine at @a[1]. To do this, simply type:net.minecraft.server.command_block @a[0]This will make a fireworks block at the coordinates @a[0] that will shoot out fireworks.

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Tips for Making Fireworks from Mineshafts.

Finding mineshafts can be a challenge, but with some careful planning you can make fireworks from them. In order to find mineshafts, check out maps of the area and look for cliffs that are high enough to trigger explosives. You can also use a minecraft editor to create your own mineshafts, or use a creative mode world mod to do it yourself.Use MineshaftsWhen making fireworks from mineshafts, it is important to use them in an effective way. For example, using incorrect explosives could damage or even blow up the mine shafts you’re working in, so be sure to read and follow the instructions carefully. Additionally, don’t try to go too deep into the mine shafts – doing so could result in serious injury or death!Make Fireworks from MineshaftsAfter finding and using mineshaft-triggering explosives, it’s time to make fireworks! To make fireworks from mineshaft-triggering explosives,oroughly clean and dry the area where you will be detonating the explosives. Next, place an obsidian block next to one of the triggers (it doesn’t matter which one), and then place an end portal near it so that when someone steps on top of it (or falls through it), they will enter into a “firework pod” that will start creating fireworks immediately!


Making firework from mineshafts can be a fun and exciting experience. There are many different ways to use Mineshafts, so there is no need to feel limited. If you have some creative ideas for fireworks, make sure to share them with us! We would love to see what you come up with!

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