how to make a heart out of a gum wrapper

Gum wrapper art: How to create stunning gum-wrapped hearts with simple techniques


Introduction: Gum wrapper art is a fun, creative way to show your friends and family how talented you are. You can make beautiful gum-wrapped hearts in no time, and there are many different ways to create the heart designs. Here’s what you need to get started: a few pieces of gum wrappers, some colors of paint, and some creativity!

How to Make Gum-Wrapped Hearts.

To make stunning gum-wrapped hearts, start by cutting the gum wrappers into small pieces. Next, glue each piece of gum wrapper to one another using a hot glue gun. Be sure to use a thin and even layer of glue so that theHeart looks neat and well-maintained.How to Glue the Gum Wrappers TogetherThe next step is to add some extra flourish to your Hearts by adding some sequins ornaments onto them. You can either use everyday glitter or more extravagant designs like sequins or pearls. Finally, you can give your Hearts a finishing touch by applying a little hidden adhesive (or heat) to the back of each Heart in order to hold it together better.

How to Use Gum-Wrapped Hearts.

One of the most popular ways to use gum-wrapped hearts is as a banner. You can hang them up in your home or office, or use them as decor. To make a beautiful and unique gift box, you can use one of the Hearts as the centerpiece and fill it with goodies like candy or chapstick.Use the Hearts as DecorationsAnother popular way to use gum-wrapped hearts is as decorations. You can place them on tables, wallpapers, or even cars! If you have a special occasion coming up, why not make it into something special by using a Heart as part of your decoration?Make a Gift BoxFinally, if you want to give your loved ones a gift that will make their holiday season extra special, consider making a gift box out of one of the Gum-Wrapped Hearts! This will show that you care about them and appreciate their time spent on vacation.

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How to Enjoy Gum-Wrapped Hearts.

One of the best ways to enjoy gum-wrapped hearts is to keep them in a cool place. For example, you can place them in a glass jar or on a cold plate. Insubsection 3.2 Use the Hearts as a Painting Material.In addition to being an interesting decoration, gum-wrapped hearts can also be used as a painting material. Simply wrap each heart in some paper and then put it into your artwork’s background. You could also use them as the final touch on an Instagram post or design project.Make a Gift for a FriendIf you’re feeling particularly benevolent, you could make a gift for someone special by wrapping one of these beautiful pieces of art with some fun helium-filled balloons and mailing it off to your loved ones!


Gum-Wrapped hearts are a fun and easy way to show your loved ones love. By following these simple steps, you can make them look beautiful and enjoy the process!

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