how to lose a guy in 10 days

How to win over a guy in 10 days


Introduction: If you want to win over a guy in 10 days, it’s important to start by knowing how he thinks. You need to understand his motivations and why he’s trying to do what he’s doing. Once you know that, it’s easy to build a strong relationship with him. Here’s how to do it:

How to Win Over a Guy in 10 Days.

One of the best ways to win over a guy in 10 days is by starting a Conversation. A good way to start a conversation is by asking him what he enjoys doing, where he’s from, or what his favorite thing about life is. By asking these questions, you can build a foundation for a more meaningful relationship with him. Additionally, it can be helpful to try and get him to like you. This can be done bywuiting him things that interest him, or by getting him involved in activities that you enjoy. Finally, it’s important to remember that while it’s important to win over someone with words, it’s also important to use your actions to show how interested you are in him.

How to Win Over a Guy in 10 Days.

One of the most important things you can do to win over a guy is to be funny. If you can make him laugh, he’ll be more likely to trust you and want to continue talking to you.2. How to Be Charmant.To be charming, you need to act like a complete stranger. You should never seem too familiar or too friendly too quickly. Instead, try to make small talk and strike up a conversation. Make sure your interactions are genuine and that you have no agenda other than getting to know him better.How to Be AggressiveIf you startle or intimidate someone, it will likely lower his confidence and make him less likely to want to stay in touch with you futureationally. Try notto let your emotions get in the way of your logic or reason, and remember that communication is key when trying to build a relationship with someone – don’t just blurt out everything (or nothing).

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How to Win Over a Guy in 10 Days.

Some of the most common methods used to win over a guy in 10 days are to be persistent, use charm and flattery, and be prepared for any possible rejection.How to Be More PersistentIf you’re trying to get a guy to go out with you, it’s important that you be persistent. Pushing him away every time he doesn’t want to meet up is likely not going to work. Instead, try reaching out regularly and showing that you care about him. This will help make him feel wanted and appreciated.How to Succeed in these ConversationsIf you’re trying to get a guy to date you, it’s important to be prepared for any possible rejection. If you don’t have the same interests or sensibilities as the other guy, he may not be interested in dating you. Instead, try to avoid being pushy and instead focus on making him feel comfortable and at ease. This will help make the dating process less difficult and more pleasant.


In order to win over a guy in 10 days, you’ll need to use a variety of strategies. You can be funny, charming, and aggressive in order to get him interested in you. You must be persistent and succeed in these conversations in order to get what you want.

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