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How to kiss like a king: tips for the perfect royal snog.


Introduction: If you want to impress your date, you need to know how to kiss like a king. Whether you’re at a party or in the bedroom, being sexy and charming is key. But what if your date isn’t as impressed as you are? You can still make them feel good by using these tips for the perfect royal snog.

How to Kiss Like a King.

There are a few different ways to kiss like a king. Here are some tips on how to do it the right way:- Start with your mouth open and close slowly, using about threequarters of your lips for contact.- Use your tongue to tease and lick the inside of your mouth, gently sucking on it or licking it lightly.- Use your whole mouth, not just one side. If you kiss someone on their lower lip, try to put all of your lips on that side too.- Use light pressure and hold onto the person’s cheeks while kissing them.- When you want to stop, pull away slightly and release any pressure you have built up in your mouth.

Tips for the Perfect Royal Snog.

Before you can make your royal snog, it’s important to be prepared. You’ll need to have the right clothes and accessories, and be sure you have everything set up. Here are a few tips to get started:-Make sure you are wearing a appropriate outfit. Your kiss should be a show of power and respect, so make sure your attire reflects that.-Get into some royal position. This will help her feel like the queen or king she is supposed to be.-Use your hands to touch her lightly but passionately. This will give her the feeling that she is your number one priority.-Be royal! If there are any remnants of reality left in your otherwise high-spirited persona, make sure to do things like wear a coronet or use ceremonial speech for effect.

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How to Kiss Like a King.

When kissing a queen, it’s important to use your mouth correctly. Use your tongue to explore her mouth, and find the sensitive spots with your lips. Be romantic and use soft words to make her feel loved.Hold her closeKeep your body close to hers when you kiss her, so that she feels comfortable and protected. Place your hand on her back or hold onto her hair for support. If you want to take things further, try using open-mouth kisses or deep kisses that reach all the way down to her neck.Be romanticThink about what kind of kiss would make you feel the best—romantic, passionate, etc.—and aim to recreate that feeling in yours and hers by using specific techniques and ingredients. For example, if you’re trying to create a woodsy kiss, put some aromatic wood near your lips while kissing her; if you want a more earthy flavor, add some clay or earth into the mix during oral sex.


Kissing like a king is something that should be considered when planning an occasion. First, make sure you are prepared by getting a good kisser. Second, use your hands to touch her in various ways- using them as props or pressing against her in a passionate way. Third, be royal and romantic with your kissing. Fourth, enjoy the moment and enjoy the kiss!

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