how to keep a conversation going

How to keep a conversation going: Tips for making it work


Introduction: One of the most important skills for any podcast is keeping a conversation going. You might think this is something you just do automatically, but it’s not. You have to involve your listener in order to keep them engaged and interested. Here are some tips for how to do that:

How to Start a Conversation With Someone.

When you’re trying to start a conversation with someone, it’s important to be aware of the following tips. First, try to be personal and interesting enough for the person you’re speaking with. Second, make sure your conversation is focused on that person – not themselves. Third, use common sense when talking about topics – avoid talking about things that the other person might feel uncomfortable with. Finally, remember to end your conversations on a strong note by thanking them for their time and saying goodbye.How to later On Hold a ConversationIf you find yourself unable to start a conversation with someone, it can be helpful tolater on hold one. By doing this, you can still have a conversation but avoid feeling like you have to talk at all costs. You can also choose not to answer certain questions or end the call if there isn’t an immediate response from the other person.

How to Keep a Conversation Going.

Some tips for starting a conversation include:-Be prepared to share your ideas and experiences. This will help show the other person that you are interested in hearing what they have to say.-Don’t be afraid to ask questions. This will give you an opportunity to learn more about the person and their life.-Be sure to use language that is comfortable for both parties. Use personal pronouns, appropriate language, and avoid using jargon or technical terms.-Stay positive and smile when you are talking. People like to feel confident in a conversation, so make sure you do your best to match this behavior.-End the conversation on a positive note. This can help build anticipation for future conversations and keep the conversation going.

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How to Keep a Conversation Going.

1. Start with a Thank You.It’s always nice to make someone feel comfortable and welcome, so start conversations by saying something positive. For example, if you had to leave early for work, say goodbye in a polite and positive way. This will help set the tone for a conversation that’s going to be more productive.2. Be Ready to Answer Questions.If you can answer questions quickly and efficiently, you’ll help keep the conversation moving forward. When you have something relevant to share or want to know more about someone, don’t hesitate to ask! And remember: never offer your opinion without first asking the person if they want it shared with others too (this is called “flattery”).3. Use Your Own Words!When it comes time to end a conversation, use your own words instead of using someone else’s words without permission. This will show that you care about the conversation and that you want it to continue – which will likely lead to other opportunities for discussion down the road.


Talking to someone can be a great way to learn more about them or their products. However, it’s important to start conversations with the right people and keep them going. By following these tips, you’ll be able to have long-term relationships with potential customers.

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