how to give a hickey

How to Give a Hickey Like a Pro!


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How to Give a Hickey Like a Pro.

There are many ways to give a hickey like a pro. The most popular way is to use a sharp object such as a knife or razor. You can also use a syringe filled with hypoallergenic adhesive. Finally, you can also use a piercing gun to give your hickey the perfect star shape.One of the most common methods for giving hickeys is using an applicator. This consists of either using one’s own fingers or using another person’s hand to apply the adhesive and then suck on the end. Another common method is using a syringe filled with hypoallergenic adhesive (this should only be used if you are sure that the adhesive won’t cause any irritation). Finally, some people prefer to use Piercing Guns which allow them to piercings in just one spot without having to go through all of their other piercings!

How to Give a Hickey Like a Pro.

Start with a basic hickey design: a small, circular cut in the skin. Use a fimo mask to help prevent any blood from spilling out and making your injury look worse. Apply an antibiotic ointment to the wound to speed up healing. Use a painting pens to create symmetrical or interesting hickeys that will make your incident stand out.

How to Give a Hickey Like a Pro.

To give a hickey like a pro, follow the directions on the hickey. Use the pins to create an intricate design and use the paint pens to give your Hickey a look of art. Finally, use the black Sharpie to write down your design and enjoy your new work of art!

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If you want to give a hickey like a pro, start with a simple one. Use a fimo mask and healing ointment to prevent skin infection and improve the look of your Hickey. If you’re feeling creative, use paints and pens to create an art-like hickey. Finally, make sure to follow the directions on the hickey so that it is done correctly!

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