how to find duplicates in excel

How to spot and fix Excel duplicates


Introduction: Excel is a critical tool in any business, and it’s especially important in the tech industry. But sometimes people copy each other’s work all the time. It can be really tough to spot and fix Excel duplicates, but with a little bit of detective work you can make sure your data looks as accurate as possible. Here’s how to do it.

How to Spot Excel Duplicate Files.

To prevent Excel from containing duplicate files, use the File Management features in Excel to manage your sheets and data. You can create folders to organize your data, add sheets to groups, and rename files as you need. You can also password protect your sheets and data by using the Protect button.Fix Excel Duplicate FilesIf you find a file that contains duplicate data, you can fix it by using thefix excel duplicate files tool. This tool allows you to erase any duplicate data from a file, including sheets and cells. You can also add new data toold files by copying and pasting text from one file into another.

How to Fix Excel Spreadsheets.

When you create a Spreadsheet in Excel, you are responsible for the data and the formatting. However, there are times when you may need to share the same spreadsheet between several people or if you want to use a copy of a spreadsheet on another computer. To fix this problem, follow these steps:Fix Excel Spreadsheets1. Copy the excel file(s) that you need to fix to another location.2. Edit the data and format it as required by the new spreadsheet.3. Save the newly edited spreadsheet into a new folder and name it accordingly.

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Tips for Fixing Excel Spreadsheets.

One of the most common problems that Excel users face is trying to fix duplicate files. When a file has been duplicated, it can be difficult to determine which file is the original and which one needs to be corrected. To help identify which file needs to be fixed, you can use the following tips:• Search for any duplicate files in your Excel folder using the command “%USERPROFILE%ExcelFile List”. This will list all of the files in your user profile that are related to Excel.• If you don’t want to search through your entire folder, you can create a custom filter on the ribbon tab of your Microsoft Office Window (for example, if you wantto fix only duplicates that have a File name starting with “A1B2C3D4E5”), and then use this filter when checking for duplicate files.• Next, open the offending excel file and Right-click on it and choose “Copy Link As..”. This will paste a link from the target excel file into your clipboard. You can then use this link to open the original excel file again and correct any duplication issues.


Excel is a widely used spreadsheet program and can be difficult to fix duplicate files. File management for Excel can help you fix duplicate files and keep your spreadsheets organized. By fixing excel sheets in various ways, you can make your work process easier and more efficient.

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