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Drawing Manga: How to Draw Anime Characters with Style


Introduction: Manga is a popular genre of Japanese comics and manga enthusiasts around the world love it for its unique style. It’s one of the most popular genres in the world, and for good reason! Manga characters are highly expressive and can be incredibly fun to draw. Here’s how to draw anime characters like the pros:

What is Manga.

Manga is a popular form of comics and manga comics are typically created in black and white. Manga can be read online or in print, with the majority of readership being found in Japan. Manga has been around since the late 1800s, and has seen a resurgence in recent years due to its various low-cost and easy-to-read volumes.How to Draw Anime CharactersTo draw anime characters correctly, start by understanding their body language and proportions. Next, make sure your drawing style is consistent with the tone of your manga comic. Finally, use common sense when drawing characters and try not to caricature them too much.

How to Draw Manga Characters.

To begin, start by sketching out your character’s features on paper. For manga characters, this typically includes their face and body, as well as any weapons or accessories they may be wearing. Next, add in any details that will make your character stand out from the other characters in your story. Work with light and shade to create a good look for your character, and use good angles to give them an interesting appearance.How to Draw Anime Characters with StyleWhen drawing anime characters, it’s important to have a consistent style that you can use for different types of stories. To do this, start by sketching out your basic outline of the character on paper before adding in any details such as hair, eyes, and other features. Then, begin to add in thedetails that will make your character stand out from the others in your story – work with light and shade to create a good look for your character and use good angles to give them an interesting appearance.

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Tips for Drawing Manga Characters.

In order to start drawing manga characters withstyle, you’ll first need a basic template. This template can be found on many websites, including eHow and Daily Mail. To use it, simply follow the steps outlined in the instructions provided and you’re ready to go!Use Different Colors and ShadesWhen it comes to colors and shades, you should experiment a little bit before settling on a style for your characters. If you want your manga characters to have an air of sophistication or professionalism, you may want to try using different colors and shades. Additionally, consider adding some contrast by choosing darker or lighter colors for different parts of your character’s body or face.Use Different Faces and CharactersSometimes it’s easier than others to create a unique look for your manga characters. If you want your character to be distinct from the other Manga-goers around them, you may want to start by creating different faces for them that are unique in their own right. Additionally, consider thinking about which characters would make good comic book covers—or even movie posters!—and going with that approach instead of just copying existing designs.


Manga is a popular comic book genre that draws inspiration from anime and Japanese culture. By following basic steps and using different colors and shades, you can create characters that are both stylish and interesting. If you want to learn how to draw Manga characters, start with a basic template and use different faces and characters to get started. Thanks for reading!

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