how to draw a lion

How to Draw a Lion in Less Than Two Minutes!


Introduction: If you want to be a successful artist, it takes time and practice. And if you want to make your art reach people all over the world, it also takes time and practice. But there’s no need to worry! You can learn how to draw a lion in less than two minutes! With this guide, you’ll be able to create stunning artwork that will captivate your listeners and help you achieve success as an artist.

How to Draw a Lion in Less Than Two Minutes.

Step 1: Sketch the Lion’s Head1. Begin by sketching out a basic outline of the lion’s head. Make sure the lion has a clear face and all its features are in place.2. Next, start drawing in the body of the lion with light lines and shading. Be careful not to add too much detail or you may make it difficult to follow the line when drawing later on.3. Finally, add any details such as eyes, ears, and manes. Make sure to use a good amount of shading to create depth and realism for your lion.4. Once you’ve completed sketching the basic outlines of your lion, begin adding infurrow lines and furrows for more realistic movement. Be sure to avoid making the furrows too deep or they’ll look fake.5. To finish off your drawing, add in any other details that you feel necessary including markings on the side of the animal ornaments like horns or antlers (if applicable).

How to Draw a Lion in a Minute.

The first step to drawing a lion in a minute is knowing what you need to do. You will need:-A piece of paper-Your pencil-An idea of where the lion would be standing-Some white paint or crayons-Start by drawing an outline of the lion, making sure it is large enough to cover all of the paper. Try not to make the outline too detailed or it will take up much space on the paper. Be careful not to overdo it, as overuse can lead to mistakes.The Steps to Draw a Lion in a MinuteNext, start by drawing in the fur around the lion’s body and head. Start with a light line and work your way towards the dark side of the bear. Finally, add in any other details such as eyes, ears, and claws.

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How to Draw a Lion in a Minute.

First, you will need some supplies to help you draw a lion in a minute. You will need:1) A pencil2) Something to make the drawing surface—a piece of paper or canvas, for example3) Some practice drawings (or photos of your favorite lions!) to help you get started4) Time!


Drawing a lion in a minute is possible with the right tools and concepts. By following these steps, you can create a simple Lion in a Minute that will look amazing.

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