how to draw a dragon

How to Draw a Dragon – step-by-step guide for beginning artists.


Introduction: Dragons are one of the most popular creatures in all of fantasy. They come in all shapes and sizes, and they always have something interesting to say. So how do you draw a dragon? The steps below will show you how to follow the basic guidelines for creating a successful dragon design.

What is Dragon.

A dragon is a mythical creature that typically symbolizes strength, power, and/or protection. Dragons are often depicted with wings or scales and can be found in many different cultures around the world. In most cases, dragons play an important role in mythology and stories. They are often used as comic relief or The Three Musketeers-style characters who can solve problems quickly.How to Draw a DragonThere are a few steps that you need to take in order to create a good drawing of a dragon:1) Start by sketching out your basic idea of the dragon including its body shape and features.2) Next, start to add more details about the dragon’s body using pencils or charcoal drawings. Include its wings, claws, and any other distinguishing features.3) Finally, go ahead and add highlights, shadows, and other details as needed to make your drawing look realistic.

How to Draw a Dragon.

Start by drawing the head and tail of the dragon in pencil. Draw a simple outline of the head and start to fill in the details later on.Next, draw the wings and body of the dragon. Start by drawing a thin line across the top of each wing, then add in some detail below that line. Finally, draw the legs and tail of the dragon.Draw the wings and body of the dragonTo create a realistic wingspan, start by drawing an arc across each wing, then adding in some detail below that arc. Be sure to make use of perspective to ensure your wings look like they are properlysized – look at how far ahead or behind your character is in relation to other objects in your scene.Next,draw the body of the dragon in pencil. Start by drawing a basic shape for each limb – a hand, arm, leg – then fill in more detailed details later on. Be sure to take into account how thick or thin each limb is so that your dragon appears realistically proportioned.Draw the Legs and Tail of the DragonTo complete your drawings for this section, begin by sketching out a basic outline for each leg and some basic detailing for its tail (thighs etc). Then fill in any final details later on using thicker or thinner lines depending on how realistic you want your legs andtail to look.

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Tips for Drawing a Dragon.

Start by drawing the head and tail of your dragon with a sharp eye. Draw the eyes, nostrils, and mouth in a straight lineC2. Next, draw the wings and body of your dragon using a steady hand. Be sure to use a light touch so that your dragon looks realistic.Get creative and add some flashy colors to your dragon by using bolder colors in the iris, pupil, and other Colors A2. Finally, draw the legs andtail of your dragon with an flashy eye. Use a lighter hand to make them look as if they are floating off the paper.


Drawing a dragon is an fun and easy way to make drawings that will look amazing on paper. There are a few things you need to keep in mind when drawing a dragon, such as using a sharp eye and Steady Hands. By following these tips, you can create beautiful dragons that will look great in any artwork.

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