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Drawing a Cartoon Body: A Beginners Guide to Drawing Perfectly Placed Figures


Introduction: So you want to start drawing cartoons. You’ve seen all the tutorials and read all the articles, but you still don’t know how to place your characters perfectly. Here’s your guide!Topics: How to Draw a Cartoon Body

What is a Cartoon Body.

A cartoon body is an outline of a human or animal that is drawn in a humorous or satiric manner. The purpose of a cartoon body is to give the reader a clear understanding of the character or object being depicted, without actually showing their face.What are the Basic Elements of Cartoon FiguresThe basic elements of any cartoon figure include: head, eyes, mouth, arms and legs. You will need to use these basic elements to draw your own cartoons according to the style you want them to have. There are many different styles that can be used for cartoons, so it is important to find one that suits your voice and tone.How to Draw a Cartoon BodyTodrawing a correctly placed cartoon body requires practice and some common sense when drawing from memory (you’ll need to imagine how your character would look before starting). However, once you have an idea of how it should look, there are few rules that can’t be easily followed. Try out different poses and perspectives while practicing until you’re comfortable with drawing your own cartoons in this way.

How to Draw a Cartoon Face.

One of the most important things to remember when drawing a cartoon face is to use basic shapes and proportions. For a Cartoon Face, these include a head, body, and eyes. You should also be able to draw basic facial expressions and movements.How to Draw a Cartoon HeadStart by drawing the basic outline of your face according to the standard instructions. Then add in the hair, eyebrows, and other features that will make your character look Animated. Be sure to use good coloration and shading for your character’s skin tones, so they look lifelike. Finally, add in any details such as ears, nose, or teeth.How to Draw a Cartoon ArmTo draw an arm, start by sketching out the outline of the arm with good coloration and shading applied. Next, add in the muscles beneath the skin using freehand or brushstrokes. Once you have created all of the necessary outlines for your arm, add in any details such as veins or bone structure.How to Draw a Cartoon LegsTo draw legs, start by sketching out the outline of the leg with good coloration and shading applied (be sure not to forget about toes!). Next, add in any details such as bone structure or veins beneath the skin using freehand or brushstrokes (you can also use this time to create realistic muscle tone). Finally, make sure that your legs are positioned correctly relative to each other so that they appear balanced when drawn together (again be sure not forget about toes!).

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Tips for Drawng a Cartoon Body.

One of the most important aspects of drawng a cartoon body is to use a low shadow. This will help your figure appear more lifelike and realistic.Use a Bright ShadowNext, use a bright shadow when necessary to give your figures an impactful look. This can be done by using bright lights or shadows on your characters’ faces, bodies, or clothing.Use a Soft ShadowThird, use a softshadow when necessary to create an illusion of depth in your drawings. You can do this by making your characters’ heads and limbs drowsy or even flat after they’ve been moved around in the drawing sketchbook (or on paper).Use a V-shape for the Arms and LegsFinally, make sure to use a V-shape for the arms and legs in order to give them an hourglass appearance. This can be achieved by drawing the lower part of the body into an arc shape and thenAdding the upper part in straight lines afterwards.


Cartoon bodies are a great way to add humor and satire to your work. They can be drawn in a variety of ways, and there are many resources available to help you get started. It’s important to use a low shadow and bright shadow when drawing your body, as well as make sure that your cartoon face is properly designed. By following these basic rules, you can create an excellent Cartoon Body.

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