how to clean hair brushes

How to Clean Your Hair Brushes in the easiest way possible!


Introduction: It seems like every day there’s a new hair-care product to try. But how do you know which one is best for your hair? And what kind of environment will it work best in? Keep reading to find out the easiest way to clean your hair brush in the quickest and most efficient way possible!

How to Clean Your Hair Brushes.

The first step in cleaning your hair brush is to remove any dirt and dust that may have accumulate on the bristles. Pour a small amount of shampoo onto a warm, soapy water and start washing the bristles as you go. Be sure to wash every inch of the bristles, and be gentle with them – they will need time to get clean. Once all of the dirt and dust has been removed, dry your hairbrush by placing it on a wire rack or cloth-lined dishwasher.How to Keep Your Hair Brushes CleanOnce your hair brush is clean, it’s time to keep it clean by following these steps:1) Place the brush in a bowl filled with water and pour enough shampoo onto the bristles so that they are completely wetted.2) Swish the water around your brush for a few seconds so that all of the shampoo becomes mixed into the bristles.3) Start scrubbing at the bristles with your hands – use as much or as little soap as you want – until all of the dirt and dust has been cleaned off of them. Be gentle with them – they may need time to get clean again!4) When finished scrubbing, place your hairbrush back into its bowl of water and pour enough more shampoo onto it so that it is completely wetted again. Swish again around your brush for another few seconds to ensure that all of the shampoo has was diluted into the bristles.5) Finally, begin using your fingers to rub together two parts of each Bristle (the ends), making sure not to overdo it – you want their bristles to feel nice and soft after being cleaned!

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How to Clean Your Hair Brushes for the Best Results.

Dirt and dust accumulate on hair brushes over time, making them difficult to clean. To get rid of this dirt and dust, place the brush in a sink filled with water and wait until the water turns green. Add enough dishwashing detergent to cover the bristles and run the machine for around 10 minutes. Rinse off the brushes and dry them off with a soft towel.Clean the Brushes RegularlyTo keep your hair brushing blades clean, use a regular cleaning schedule: rinse them every 30 days or every 6 months; change their brush head every 3 years; and dry them off with a soft towel after each use. Check your device’s instructions for more information about how to clean your hair brush device regularly.Use a Soft and Dry Towel to Clean the BrushesWiping down hair Brushes with a wet towel is not effective in removing dirt and dust from them, as it will cause further damage to bristles- instead, use a soft and dry towel to wipe down your Hair Brushes regularly. This will also help protect against bacteria growth on these brushes from leaving fingerprints or writing on your skin!Wash the Hair Brushes with a Lysol CleanerIf you do not have an available lysol cleaner, you can also try using a Glass Water Bottle filled with lysol solution to clean hairBrushes quickly (but be careful not to create any burns). Pour 1 tablespoon of lysol into each glass water bottle before filling it up with hot water, vortexing it for around 10 seconds, then placing it in warm water again so that all of the ingredients are combined (the mixture should now be blue). Place the brush in this solution while holding onto one end of the Bleached rag/towel combo until all of the suds come out – be sure not to let go of the other end!

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How to Clean Your Hair Brushes the Easiest Way.

1. Start by taking off the protective cover of your hair brush.2. Wet the Brush in warm water and pour it onto a clean towel.3. Use the towel to wet the brushes and then dry them off with a cool air breeze.4. Clean the bristles of your hair brush with a Lysol cleaner before using it again.


Cleaning your hair brushes can be a difficult task, but with the help of some easy steps it can be done easily. By using a soft and dry towel to clean the bristles, you can achieve the best results. Additionally, washing your hair with a lysol cleaner will make it easier to clean and remove all the dirt and dust. Overall, cleaning your hair brushes is an important task that should be done regularly.

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