how to clean air fryer

Cleaning Your Air Fryer: A Comprehensive Guide


Introduction: Have you ever cooked in an air fryer and then wished you’d never done it again? The smell of frying oil and plastic is nauseating, and the noise it makes is unreal. But fear not! There’s a way to clean your air fryer without having to hire a professional—and that’s by using this comprehensive guide. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about cleaning your air fryer, from the basics of soap solution and water usage to more advanced techniques like steam cleaning. So be prepared for delicious fried food every time—and don’t forget to fit your air fryer into your cooking budget!

How to Clean Your Air Fryer.

1. Open the air fryer and remove any food that has been cooked in it.2. Use a dishwasher or washer and dryer to clean the air fryer according to the instructions on the product.3. Place your air fryer back in the oven or microwave and heat up until it is at its hottest setting.4. Pour a small amount of water into the air fryer and put everything that has been cooked in it into it, making sure not to touch any of the cooking oil or food particles.5. Wait for about five minutes for all of the water to be absorbed by the ingredients before doing anything else with the air fryer; then close it completely and wait for it to cool down before using it again.

How to Clean Your Air Fryer – Step-by-Step.

Start by cleaning the cooking surfaces and utensils using a cloth or a damp cloth. If using plastic, disposable dishes should be put in the dishwasher before being used.Wash your air fryer according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Rinse everything with cold water and dry it off thoroughly.How to Clean Your Air Fryer – Method TwoClean the air fryer interior and exterior using a mild soap and warm water mixed together until all areas are clean. Be sure not to use harsh detergents or chemicals as this could damage the equipment or cause strange smells.How to Clean Your Air Fryer – Method ThreeRinse all food items and utensils in lukewarm water for one minute then drain them off completely and dry them off with a paper towel before putting them back into the air fryer. Do not put oil directly on any of these surfaces as this will create an intense smell!How to Clean Your Air Fryer – Method FourWarning: Use caution when cleaning your air fryer! Too much heat can cause skin cancer, so be very careful while cleaning!

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How to Clean Your Air Fryer – Top Tips.

To clean your air fryer, follow these tips:-Clean the baffles – The baffles are the part of the fryer that sits on top of the food and helps it to cook evenly. Remove all of the food from the fryer before cleaning them, and wipe them down with a cloth or a polisher.-Cleaning Post – Remove any accumulations of cooking oil, grease, and other residues from the top and bottom of the air fryer by wiping them off with a dry cloth or a soft paper towel.-Wipe Down All Parts of Air Fryer – Make sure all parts of your air fryer are clean by wiping them down with a dry cloth or a soft paper towel. This includes everything from the grates to the spouts.-Check for Cleaning Points – Once all parts have been cleaned,check for cleaning points by looking for any areas that appear dirty. These points may include anywhere from near the bottom of the fryer to above its edge.


Cleaning your air fryer is essential to maintaining its quality and performing correctly. By following these tips, you can keep your air fryer in top condition and improve its performance.

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