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Cite Your Sources: A Guide to Citation Style


Introduction: When you cite your sources, it’s important to be sure that the information is properly cited. This can help you get credit for your work, and it also helps others understand what you’re saying. There are a few things to keep in mind when citing your sources:- Make sure the information is accurate- Cite the original source if possible- Use proper punctuation- Place the information in a clear and concise manner

How to Cite Your Sources.

When citing sources, always use the following citation style:J.D. Salinger, “The Catcher in the Rye,” J.D. Salinger Collection, New York University Library, 1951.Citation Style for BooksWhen citing books, always use the following citation style:J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye (1951).

How to Cite Your Sources.

Citation style is one of the most important aspects of writing. It dictates the way you cite sources, how you spell certain words, and how you punctuate certain sentences. Here are some tips on how to Citation Style:• Cite your sources in the following ways:- First, list the author’s name followed by the title of their work or book. For example, “The author of this article is John Doe.”- Next, list the year of publication (in parentheses after the title). For example, “2005.”- Finally, identify any other specific information about the source (such as a website address or ISBN number). For example, “The website”If you need to cite more than one work or book from a given year, always list them all together as follows: “The author of this article is John Doe (2005).”

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1 How to Citation Sources.

When citing a source, always use the following citation style:“The article is written by ….”For articles, you can follow this general citation style:“The article in question is written by ….”This will give the reader a clear indication that the author is the one responsible for writing the piece. Additionally, it’s helpful to use standard academic language when referencing sources. For example, when referring to an encyclopedia article, you should say “the Encyclopedia Britannica”. When quoting from a book or other sources, you should use:”From the book ‘…””Or from other sources.”

How to Citation Sources.

When citing sources, always use the following citation style:”Author(s)…””Author(s) – [year].”


Citation sources are important for papers and books, but they can also be used to cite other works in a more concise manner. Citation style for articles and books should be in the form ofcitation style for papers and books, respectively. Videos can be cited with the following format: citing the video source(s).

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