how to cite in apa

How to Citation In APA: A Comprehensive Guide


Introduction: Citation Mechanics: The Basics has everything you need to know about how to cite your sources correctly in APA. Whether you’re writing a paper, article, or blog post, you need to be sure you’re citing your sources correctly. Check out this comprehensive guide for tips on how to do it right!

How to Citation In APA: A Comprehensive Guide.

To cite a source, you first need to identify the source. You can do this by looking at the title or author of the article, and then using that information to find the source. For example, if you were reading an article in a magazine, you would look up the author and title. If you were writing an essay, you would look up the source for each sentence and use those information to find the original article.You can also use CiteA for books and journal articles. To cite a book, simply locate its ISBN number and identify the edition and country of publication. For example, if you were looking up “The Great Gatsby,” you would search for “978-1-4000-5471-6.” Similarly, for journal articles, simply locating the journal’s ISSN number and commenting on each article will help Google Maps display all of the relevant links to that particular issue of The Journal of Experimental Psychology!

How to Citation In APA: A Comprehensive Guide.

When citing a term, always use the correct name for the word and its corresponding Oxford comma. For example, “The Beatles” should be cited as “The Beatles.” When citing a reference, use the author’s first and last names followed by the year of publication. For example, “John Lennon” should be cited as “John Lennon (year).” When citing a place, use the place’s name followed by a number. For example, “Harrison Manor” should be cited as “Harrison Manor (number).” Finally, when citing a time, use the year of publication and/or the month or day of the year. For example, “September 30th”should be cited as September 30th (year).

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How to Citation In APA: A Comprehensive Guide.

When citing a source, always cite the original author and the source cited. For example, “John Lennon” is the name of the singer and songwriter who wrote “Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)” and “The Beatles.”Cite a PlaceIf you want to cite a location, choose a specific place or city and provide the latitude, longitude, date, time, or other information necessary to determine where that location is located. For example, “New York City” would be written as “NYC.”Cite a TimeCiting a time period should also be done in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). For example, “5:00 p.m.” would be written as “5 PM”.


Citation in APA: A Comprehensive Guide can help you citations for any type of writing. By using the correct terms, sources, and references, you can make your writing more effective and efficient. Additionally, by referencing other works in your work, you can make your argument stronger. Overall, Citation In APA: A Comprehensive Guide will help you improve your writing skills and create more effective documents.

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