how to change iphone name

How to Change iPhone Name: A Comprehensive Guide


Introduction:iOS users have always had a love-hate relationship with change. On the one hand, they appreciate small changes that make their lives easier, like adding a new language to the app or swapping out an old phone for a new model. But on the other hand, change can feel overwhelming and confusing. So how do you know whether making a big change is right for your business? And how do you go about changing an iPhone name? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll tell you all you need to know!

How to Change iPhone Name.

To change the iPhone name, you first need to unlock the phone and then follow these simple steps:1. First, go to the Settings app and open the General tab.2. Scroll down and find the Name section and click on it.3. Enter a new name for your iPhone in the text box that appears and hit OK.4. Once you’ve updated your iPhone’s name, you’ll need to reboot your phone in order for it to take effect.

How to Change iPhone Password.

To change your iPhone password, you first need to find the primary Apple ID that is associated with your account. This can be done by going to the website and logging in. Once you have logged in, click on the “reset” button on the top left-hand side of the screen.After clicking on this button, a new window will appear where you will need to input your current iPhone password. After entering your old password into this window, click on the “reset” button again and confirm your changes by clicking on the check box next to it.Now that your iPhone password has been reset, you are ready to start using your new iPhone!

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How to Reset iPhone Password.

To reset your iPhone password, you first need to know how to do it. This section provides a comprehensive guide on how to reset your iPhone password.In order to reset your iPhone password, follow these steps:1. Open the Settings app and tap on General.2. Scroll down and select Reset Password.3. Enter your desired Apple ID and password into the Reset Password fields.4. Tap on Reset button and confirm your decision by tapping on Reset Button again.5. The iPhone will restart and will be able to access its settings in the usual way.


Resetting your iPhone password is a necessary step in recovering data from your device. By following these steps, you can easily change your password and protect yourself from potential security breaches.

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