how to airplay to tv

How to AirPlay to TVs and How to Use the Remote Control


Introduction: AirPlay is a great way to beam your podcast to TVs, but what about using the remote control? wedding guests might be wondering about that too! Here’s how to do it both ways and more!

How to AirPlay to TVs.

To AirPlay to a TV, you first need to connect your TV to the internet and access the video streaming service of your choice. Once connected, open the Settings app on your TV and click on AirPlay. Under AirPlay sources, select the device that you want to airplay from:-TV: Select the source of the TV you want to airplay from (like a Blu-ray player), and then click on “AirPlay.”-Smart TV: If your TV has an AirPlay built in, select it from this list. You can also add an external audio or video component by selecting “Audio/Video” under “AirPlay Sources.”If you’re not sure which device is connected to your TV, check its status by looking at its screen and clicking on “Edit” on top left. From here, you can see whether or not it’s connected to the internet and how much data is being used. If everything looks good but there are still some errors or disconnected devices listed, please try reconnecting them all by following these steps:-Click on “Restart,” if any devices are disconnected;-Click on “Advanced,” if there are issues with connecting or disconnecting devices;-Click on ” Troubleshooting,” if there are more specific questions about why something isn’t working as expected.Once all devices have been reconnected and updated, go ahead and play any content that you’ve added onto either device through Airplay by clicking on it then tapping play.

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How to Use the Remote Control to AirPlay to TVs.

To use the remote control to airplay to a TV, first open the Settings app on your device and select AirPlay from the left hand side. Once you’re on AirPlay, click on the TV that you want to airplay to from the list of TVs in the Devices section. If there are multiple TVs that you want to airplay to, then select one from the list and click on OK.How to AirPlay to a TV from a ComputerYou can also use the remote control to airplay to a TV from a computer by using an Apple computer or MacOS device. To do this, open Menu > System Preferences > AirPlay and check the box next to “Allow computer-to-TV casting.” Then press Command-Option-V (MacOS) or Control-F5 (Apple computers) to play back anycasted videos on your connected TV.How to AirPlay to a TV from a PhoneIf you have an iPhone or Android phone, you can also use AirPlay Ice Cream Sandwich or Voice Remote commands to aircast video content onto your TV. To do this, open Settings > General >AirPlay and enable “AirPlayCast.” Then press and hold down one of your devices’ microphone buttons until both hands are held together like this:This will start up an audio commander that will ask if you want it play media files such as YouTube videos directly off of your phone’s camera roll or if you want them played through Apple’s television speaker system (requires an older model of iPhone). The audio commander should then show up in System Preferences under “AirPlay” and be able to cast movies and other media files onto your connectedTV just like normal.

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How to AirPlay to TVs from a Computer.

To access the AirPlay Menu on a computer, open the Control Panel and click on the AirPlay icon.In the AirPlay Network section of the AirPlay Menu, locate and click on your TV.The TV will be listed in blue and you will be able to detail its settings in order to play content from it using Apple devices.If you have an iPhone 5 or newer, you can also use voice commands to play content from your TV using Siri or Google Now. If you have an older device, try using one of these methods:- Play content offline by disconnecting your phone from the internet and then reconnecting it once the computer has connected to the internet again- Use one of Apple’s Remote Control Apps (available for most devices) to control playback on your TV.


By using the AirPlay feature on TVs, you can easily access your favorite content from any device. Additionally, by adding a TV to the AirPlay Network, you can share your media with others around your home. By following these simple steps, you can get started AirPlaylishing to TVs!

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