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How Mobile App Development Can Benefit Your E-commerce Business

Gone are those days when one had to make a last-minute visit at local stores, malls, & shopping complexes just for purchasing a handful of items. Now the world is switching to online mediums to meet day-to-day shopping needs. It’s not surprising to know that digital mobility is a game-changer for the retail industry. While there are still many businesses planning to appear online, a large number of retailers are stepping ahead to hire a professional Android app developer for getting a custom mobile app to sell their products or services.

The retail sector is one of the early adopters of digital commerce in the global marketplace. Recalling the record-breaking sales on Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019, Shopify confirmed that almost 70% of total sales & purchases were made via mobile phones & tabs. Many interesting statistics are there to justify the reason behind the surging demand for eCommerce app development among the global store owners & businesses established in the retail landscape.

No matter if you own a small shop with self-made products or a store with thousands of branded items, switching from eCommerce to mCommerce is a serious bit of kit for your business growth. 

Top Reasons To Get A Mobile App For Your Retail Business

Online customers desperately search for a faster, better, & smarter mode to discover their favorite products & purchase them with maximum ease. No doubt, mobile apps once again proved their importance to be the bricks & mortars for retailers. Even in these pandemic days, mCommerce is a way ahead to deliver improved shopping experiences with zero risks & dependency of shopaholics on local stores.

If you are dilemmatic about investing in mobile app development for your retail business or need more solid reasons to go for it, these pointers will definitely clear your doubts on the benefits of retail apps:

1# More loyal customers

Customers are the real drivers for your business growth. No matter what type of products or services you provide online, only satisfied & happy customers won’t get bothered to get back to you for every next purchase they aspire to make.

The secret to effective customer retention reveals your app’s capability to delight its users with a stunning shopping experience & zero hustles. M-commerce apps tend to attain more loyal customers as compared to a website as they’re optimized in such a way to provide a personalized user experience to the new visitors.

A mobile app for eCommerce is crafted to engage users with compelling content, layout, & useful features along with the perks of special rewards, offers, & discounts to win their trust. Eventually, all these elements adjoin an online shopping app to build a loyal customer base for your eCommerce business. 

2# Great For Brand Visibility

Branding is a core marketing strategy behind every successful business.

The presence of existing competitors makes it difficult for newcomers to make their mark in the industry, particularly in the retail industry. A mobile eCommerce app acts as a key marketing tool to optimize your brand value with great potential to make it stand out among reputed business rivals.

The advantage of mCommerce apps yields excellent results for the businesses struggling to get discovered in the pool of numerous reputed brands. 

3#Higher Rates Of Revenues

According to Statista, the value of annual mobile app payments on mobile eCommerce apps will turn $274.4 bn by the end of the year 2021. Isn’t it enough to understand the value of mCommerce for your retail business?

Mobile apps for eCommerce must be user-friendly & flexible as a rule of thumb. If your shopping app’s design goes well with the expectations of your target audience then it will surely win over their trust that further boosts overall conversion rates. When a mobile eCommerce app starts converting users into customers, it makes profits at high ROI rates which influences retailers to put their online shop for mobile app users. 

4# Better User Engagement

Coming back to customer retention, users are more likely to stay on a mobile app with impeccable UI design & engaging features. The goal is to keep your customers engaged on your eCommerce platform which can be achieved by presenting exclusive content to make them feel special.

Popular eCommerce apps like Amazon & eBay offer such rewards & discounts to their new customers which is a part of their marketing strategy to engage users. 

5# Fast & secure payments

What’s more secure than cashless payments for shopping these days? The answer is nothing. Online transactions are the safest mode of payments done for the majority of orders placed on eCommerce apps.

When shoppers have no time to rush for cash payment, they choose to pay online while placing their orders with added convenience & security. During pandemic days, retailers are constantly encouraging customers to pay online to ensure zero-contact delivery & payments for the products they deliver.

Like e-commerce sites, mCommerce apps are also integrated with a highly secure payment gateway to let users pay through Netbanking, e-wallets (PayTm, PhonePay, GooglePay), UPI, & other preferred payment modes. 

6# Low Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment is one of the biggest challenges for eCommerce businesses. It happens when a customer abandons a shopping cart with some selective items. At this point, a mobile app can reduce the rate of cart abandonment that usually occurs due to a complex checkout process.

The overall rate of shopping cart abandonment on mobile apps, desktops, & websites is reported to be 20%, 68%, & 97% respectively. Therefore, m-commerce is a clear winner here.

A mobile app with a single-step checkout nullifies cart abandonment issues up to a great extent. So, switching to mCommerce is a superlative solution to shopping cart abandonment followed by incomplete checkout. 

Wrapping It Up

Establishing your eCommerce business on the competitive edge of the retail marketplace is a big challenge for a new entrant. However, there is no doubt that a mCommerce app can serve plentiful opportunities to grow your retail business in no time. If you’re on the verge of appearing online with a full-featured shopping platform, we suggest you hire an award-winning mobility solution provider like Appventurez to run your online shop with double-fold profits.

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