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It is easy to see that there are many different door repair Singapore services available. From repairing a broken door lock or fixing a garage door, the list of things that may go wrong with your door goes on and on. Let us follow the example above and ask some questions specific to those issues. The first thing you will want to know is how much it would cost for one of our technicians to come out and inspect the issue.

This type of service calls typically takes at least one hour as we need to determine if we can fix the issue over the phone or if we need additional time onsite. Our average service fee is $100. The next question that may come up is how much it would cost to replace a door lock or install a new garage door opener. You will want to call our office so we can give you an accurate quote on these door repair Singapore services, because there are simply too many different variables to give an exact price over the phone.

As with most door repair Singapore, these prices will vary depending on how complex the issue is and what materials need to be purchased in order for us to fix the problem fully and safely. There is no other fee for this type of service as long as we have successfully resolved your issue after giving you a quote. We do not charge extra fees if you decide not to use one of our recommended products or other brands that we have in stock.

If we have to replace a broken door lock, the cost will usually be in the range of $75-$125 if it is a standard lock and about $150-200 for a high-security lock. This may vary depending on what type of company you call to fix your issue if we are not able to do so after one visit. The price for replacing garage door opener parts will depend on the brand or make of your particular unit.

We can get new motors or springs installed starting at around $300-$500 with an additional fee of about $100 if you decide to install them yourself instead of allowing our technicians to do it for you.

Our technicians are certified and experienced in all types of repairs that may be needed for your door or garage. We carry parts and inventory with us so we can replace broken door locks, rollers, springs, and other hardware in order to get you back up and running quickly. The cost of installing a new walk-in shower will depend on the type of material you prefer for this facility in your home or business.

You may want to go with tile or marble which is about $1-$3 per square foot depending on where you live and what materials need to be brought into the home. Tile installation begins at around $3-$4 per square foot and goes up from there if additional materials are needed such as waterproofing sealant, grout, and things like that.

Contact locksmith Singapore for your door repairing services in Singapore.

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