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Difference between Modern Mixer Grinder and Traditional Mixer Grinder

Are you planning to buy a kitchen appliance for grinding the food ingredients? If Yes? A mixer grinder is an excellent piece of kitchen equipment used to grind different food ingredients to make delicious foods. You can not only use a mixer grinder to make chutneys, but you can also make masala powders, dosa and idli batter with the appliance.

There is a huge variety of top quality mixer grinders available in India that it becomes challenging to pick one. This article highlights the differences between a modern mixer grinder and the traditional mixer grinder so you can choose the one as per your needs.


What can you do with a modern and traditional mixer grinder?

A modern mixer grinder can be used for accomplishing different purposes. You can use it to grind spices, masala, and chutney. You can also make juice, dosa and idli batter with it. As it comes with multiple jars, each jar has separate blades. The wet jar and dry jar are the most common jars you would find while buying a mixer grinder. You can use a wet jar to make juices and a dry jar to make masala powder.

On the other hand, if we talk about a traditional mixer grinder or a food processor, it cannot handle liquids. If you try to grind chutney or make a milkshake, you will end up dirtying the kitchen counter as it cannot deal with liquids.


The traditional mixer grinder – suitable for Indian kitchen

The traditional mixer grinder is an ideal option to be used in an Indian kitchen. You can use it to make a variety of Indian dishes. For example, you can grind spices and make dry masala powders, make ginger and garlic paste, grind coconut to make coconut milk to add to dishes like fish curry. You can even make your favourite Indian dishes, including idli batter and dosa batter.


The efficiency of modern mixer grinders

Now the question that arises here is why you should buy a food processor when you can have all the tasks done with a mixer grinder. Remember, the modern-day mixer grinders are quite efficient than the traditional ones. They come with a chopper jar and a liquidizing jar by which you can slice fruits and vegetables and make juice of your choice.

Moreover, the modern mixer grinder is easy to use as the level of speed can be changed with the controls provided, so you can mix and grind things as per the desired speed to get the desired result. A modern mixer grinder can serve multiple purposes, and there is no need to buy a food processor.

So, now you have come to know the real differences between a traditional and modern mixer grinder. Before you decide what type of mixer grinder you choose for your daily kitchen requirements, you need to decide what type of cooking you do in your kitchen. Depending on your cooking style, you can select the best kitchen appliance.


How to choose the best mixer grinder?

Whether you want to get a traditional mixer grinder or a modern mixer grinder, you need to select the best one that would be able to fulfil all your kitchen requirements. There are some best mixer grinder brands in India that manufacture high-quality kitchen appliances. For this, you need to determine the motor wattage of the appliance. Also, make sure that the quality of the jars is good enough, and the model you are going to buy has got excellent service in your locality and provides long years of warranty.


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