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Byron Bay-A quick and easy guide

Byron Bay Beach

Located in Australia’s easternmost part, Byron Bay has a variety of beaches, all of which are popular for a variety of reasons. But what sets Byron Bay Beach Life apart from most other Australian beaches is finding another beach that offers the ultimate calm Australian beach experience when the land breeze is blowing. It means that you can do it.

Main beach

The name speaks for itself-this is Byron Bay’s main and most popular beach. During the summer, surf club surf lifesavers patrol and have plenty of safety advice, perfect for families and those who want to walk their lives step by step.

All you have to do here is a short walk through the bushes, where the rainforest spreads out to the lighthouse and the actual easternmost point.

If the north wind is blowing, head to Cozy Corner, where you can enjoy the benefits of the Australian sun.

Belongil beach

Right next to Main Beach and beyond Belongil Creek is Belongil Beach. In contrast to its vibrant neighbors, this stream of sand provides an opportunity to discover nature untouched, young and old. You can walk for miles, but you may come across people walking their dogs (yes, this beach is dog friendly).

Informal, but unofficial, nudist-minded people often walk around and swim undressed in northern Belongil Beach when bringing in children or people who may get angry with nudity. We recommend that you disagree.


Clark Beach is on the east side of Main Beach. Just beyond that are the Fisherman’s Lookout and the path adjacent to the cape.

The pass is one of the most popular surf spots in the Byron Bay area and the North Coast and is also where many kayaks and diving boats depart (that is, be careful if you are underwater!).


If you want to take a walk on the beach, check out the Warren Bar Shipwreck. Located on the edge of Johnson Street, just off Belongil Beach.


Yes, we know that this is supposed to be a list of “other things” that don’t necessarily include sand, the sun, or a beautifully tanned body. Fortunately, however, you will be submerged while taking one of the many diving tours offered by Byron Bay.


They are something that is safe, fun and talks to your kids. This is an ideal activity for anyone who wants to try something different or is thinking about a career in the aviation industry.

Whale watching

Humpback whales on Australia’s east coast can be seen from the coast, which moves with the seasons. If you’re in the area between June and August, be sure to stop by Cape Byron to see some of the largest mammals on the planet.

Circus school

There are not many places that offer visitors the opportunity to learn valuable circus skills. If you are over 5 years old and have always wanted to be a clown, this is for you!

Hang Gliding

In so many places, the thrill of hang gliding should be expected. Whether you’re a pro or someone who’s always wondered what it’s like to run through the sky like a giant bird, this is a must-see experience!

Again, these are just some of the popular activities that many people destined for Byron Bay love. Byron Bay Beach Life has something that suits everyone, so take a look before you come.

It’s good to know something about your potential vacation destination before you get there.

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