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Best Office 365 Migration Tools for Exchange Administrators?

The use of cloud-based email services has led many businesses to migrate their on-premises Exchange server. Usually, this decision is made in the event that they are experiencing an attack or there’s some other major problem with security and compliance aspects which makes companies more susceptible to cyberattacks; however, moving everything over completely will provide protection against these types of threats by simply making all messages retain access through either domain despite where it was sent from (if accessed via webmail). In this Office 365 migration guide, we listed some best practices for migrating mailboxes and data from on-premise Exchange to Microsoft’s new cloud service.

The recent attack by a Chinese state-sponsored group known as HAFNIUM has caused many organizations to panic. The hackers exploited vulnerabilities on the server of Exchange, which allowed them access and compromises its outbound mail services with little effort!

The most devastating and invasive attacks on Exchange are causing more organizations to move their emails from the on-premises version of Microsoft’s product, which has been compromised. Such Increasing threats have pushed businesses across this globe into using cloud-based services like Office 365 or Gmail for exchanging information between employees who need access to company resources.


Best Office 365 Migration Tool

Why spend time on manual methods when you can automate the migration to Office 365? Cutover Migration is a great option for sending that automation. It moves 2000 mailboxes with minimal downtime, giving users access while they’re still in progress!

The Microsoft Office 365 Migration Tool is a powerful tool that will help you quickly and easily migrate your Exchange data to the new platform. It’s designed with 1:1 transfer in mind, so all mailboxes are kept intact while moving them over; it even allows users to choose which folders they want to be moved or filtered out during this process!


Stellar Converter for EDB

The most recent version of Stellar Converter for EDB is one the most advanced tools to extract and export mailboxes from online or offline Exchange databases (EDB) file directly into Office 365. You may also convert single-mailbox exports in addition to multiple mailbox conversions simultaneously–allowing users access their PSTs even if it’s been a long time since they moved over!

With the help of a stellar converter, you can extract and export mailboxes from EDB files to Office 365. You may also convert individual or multiple databases at once with just one click! It’s recommended by MVPs worldwide – so why not try out this amazing tool today?

Further, you can prioritize the migration and choose to migrate critical or important mailboxes first. The software will automatically map out source-destination pairs for each mailbox that needs migrating with an option of editing these before export begins – so there’s no need for administrator intervention! You also have options if your mistake is made by accident: resume recovery on removed mailboxes (if they were mistakenly deleted), remove any temporarily Out boxed messages from queues during exports…it’s all possible through our easy interface.



  1. Migrates mailboxes from large offline EDB files to Office 365, Live Exchange Server, or PST with just one click – all in a matter of minutes.
  2. Exports your mailbox directly to Public Folders so you can access them from anywhere with an email address!
  3. Extracts Public Folders from offline EDB files to PST, Live Exchange, and Office 365 in a quick manner with ease.
  4. Provides an enhanced preview of mailbox items
  5. Advanced filter options allow you to narrow down the emails that are sent directly from your inbox by sorting them into different categories.
  6. Auto-maps source and destination mailboxes on Office 365 or Live Exchange server to make it easy for you.
  7. Sent Mailbox Recovery recovers deleted mailboxes and items from the recent past as well, making it a favorite among those who need to recover lost information.
  8. This tool can convert and export mailboxes from Unicode EDB files.
  9. The user also has the option to save their scan information for later use when they resume migration!
  10. This program supports Exchange 2019, 2016, 2013 2010 2007 2003 2000 & 5.5 versions


Systools Exchange to Office 365 Migration

The Systools Exchange to Office 365 Migration Tool is a great tool for helping administrators migrate the mailboxes from on-premises servers. This software can be used with 8 or more cores and high bandwidth internet connection, which are both typically available in large organizations only!

The software also features a built-in dashboard that displays the status of your migration process. It allows you to map source and destination mailboxes for quick, easy migrations with just one click! If anything goes wrong during export or import (which we know can happen), there’s no need in fretting because this program will run again if necessary – saving time and money on unnecessary work.



  1. Migrates your Exchange data to Office 365, protects you from a migration disaster.
  2. It can export unlimited mailboxes on Office 365!
  3. Offers mapping source and destination mailboxes
  4. It has the option to set mailbox export priority
  5. The software can accelerate and automate the process of moving mailboxes from one source to another.
  6. Supports Exchange 2016, 2013, and 2010.

If you’re an Exchange administrator, the office 365 migration tool is a must-have. The Stellar Converter for EDB helps backup and migrate mailboxes from on-premises to another Live Exchange Server or Office 365 with 100% integrity

Migrating your email account can be challenging without the right tools in place which will ultimately lead to data loss and lost productivity! Make sure not only do we talk about these 3 best options but also how they work so everyone has a better understanding before making such important decisions

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