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7 Crucial Tactics for Google Chromecast

Lying on the sofa and cast anything you want on the big screen from mobile- Oh! sounds great. Google’s Chromecast brings such facility in 2013 and till now it has been sold 55 million units. This popularity surge due to its affordable ways to share content from phone, computer, or tablet to TV. While it does not apparently seem to be feature-packed, there you can discover many things after reading this article. Here we enlist 7 crucial tactics for Google Chromecast for your better understanding of this platform.


1. Use Photos as Wallpapers

Chromecast helps you to set your own photo as wallpaper on the TV. To do it–

  • At first, download the Google Home app on your iOS or Android device.
  • Then, choose the Chromecast from the device list on the Home tab, and for settings press the gear icon.
  • From the Device Settings, choose the Ambient Mode => Google Photos => to choose a slideshow to display.

You have the option to change the speed of the photo show ranging from 5 seconds to 10 minutes. Also, you can set other information like weather and time on the screen.


2. Browse through Chromecast-compatible App

You may familiar with some Chromecast supported standard apps like Netflix, Pandora, YouTube, etc. But what you do to stream on TV? Thanks to Chromecast for their solution in this platform.

You can easily stream by opening the Google Home app on Mobile then choose the Discover option. After that, you will find many items like Chromecast – News, Chromecast Audio – Music, Chromecast – Sports by scrolling on the feed. You have the option to install any Chromecast-compatible app (that you want to add) by swiping through those items.


3. Can Mirror your Android Devices & Desktop

Chromecast is highlighted for its streaming video feature which is from Netflix, YouTube or any other Chromecast-supported apps. Interestingly, Chromecast also permits you to begin mirroring your android device display to the TV. All you need to do — Pull down the notification shade => press Cast => choose your desire Chromecast then your entire screen will visualize on the TV screen.

Sorry to say that mirroring the local videos does not work well. Here the problems you find like the frame rate is usually too low and the audio gets out of sync more easily.

Moreover, you can also mirror your Desktop by opening Chrome => click the Cast button to the right of the URL bar => choose the device which you want to mirror.


4. Can Stream the Local Content

Sadly, after mirroring the desktop, the frame rate becomes pretty terrible. So, you have to follow a distinct method for streaming local content to the Chromecast from a desktop.

For Windows, go to File => then Open or tap Ctrl + O => locate your desire video file to open on Chrome.

For the Mac, press Command + O (alternatively. drag a video file into a Chrome tab) => locate a video file.


5. Ethernet Adapter

Unfortunately, Chromecast has no feature to stream over the Wi-Fi network. But you can use an Ethernet adapter as an alternative option. Google brings an Ethernet adapter to use for the Chromecast and it is also compatible with the Chromecast Ultra.

This adapter brings changes and attaches an Ethernet port (previously here used the original power supply of an AC adapter). Now you have to plug the Micro-USB end into your device (Chromecast). After that, link an Ethernet cable both to your power supply and an empty port on an adjacent router.


6. Guest Mode

Have you guests or friends at your home and want to cast to your TV? Well, you have the option to make it easy for them by the Guest Mode feature. All you need to open the Google Home app => go to your Chromecast device’s settings => tap Guest Mode to enable it.


7. Can Cast Games

Chromecast allows playing some mobile games. To get this fun, you need to open the Google Home app => check the Find apps tab, or open Play store => Apps & games => Categories => Google Cast => Games and press More.

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